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Available Projects

(External) MSc projects

An MSc project is worth 30 ects, and is scheduled in the last semester.

Below a list of external MSc projects that are available. Some of these project descriptions are out of date, but these companies and organisations often have other current possibilities in the same field.

A list of internal MSc project ideas at the Digital Security group in Nijmegen is available here.


The following internships are available. If you are a company interested to have students of the Kerkchoffs Institute as an intern, or if you have a MSc project that would suit our students, please contact us and we will list your offer here.

Thesis opportunities in India

Contacts are being established with the Cyber Security Center of Amrita University in South India. It is possible to do your master thesis project there. It will broaden your horizon. Expenses in India are very modest, but you will have to pay for the trip yourself. If you are interested in this option, please contact Bart Jacobs at Nijmegen (bart@cs.ru.nl). He will help you to establish contacts in India.