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The computer security master is a two year master track (as part of a computer science master programme). It implements its educational goals through a curriculum structured according to several types of courses (each worth 6 ects) as follows.

  • 6 mandatory courses (36 ects), that provide the basic skills all computer security master students are expected to acquire during the programme.
  • 3 optional courses (18 ects), to be selected from the list of security-specific optional courses offered by the Kerckhoffs Institute.
  • 36 ects worth of remaining courses, that constitute optional courses as well as location-specific mandatory courses. Information on additional courses is available. Note that a course in this list cannot be chosen as one of the 3 optional courses mentioned in the previous bullet.
  • A final master project (30 ects), in which students perform independent research and write a master thesis.
NB that there has been a change in the programme starting Autum 2011, as explained here.


The schedule appears in the following tables.
  • bold: mandatory courses.
  • italics: optional courses.
  • Green background: given as telelecture.
Note that courses are taught at three different locations: Enschede, Nijmegen and Eindhoven. The schedule is such that one mandatory course and one or two optional courses are scheduled back to back at a single location to mimimise travel time. Nevertheless, following the Kerckhoffs Institute security master implies you commit to travel to a different university once every week on average. This may incur a cost both in travel time and travel expenses.

The schedule below only lists the courses specifically taught for the Kerckhoffs Institute. Local courses are not listed. These are scheduled on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for the first semester, and on Tuesday upto Thursday for the remaining semesters. Consult your local university's schedule for details.

Year 1, Fall, Semester 1

Day Tuesday Thursday
site UT (route + maps) TU/e (route + maps)
time slot
3-4 Network Security for Kerckhoffs students Cryptography 1
5-6 Introduction to Biometrics Hacker's Hut
7-8 Cyber Crime Science

Year 1, Spring, Semester 2

Day Monday Friday
site TU/e (route + maps) RU (route + maps)
time slot
3-4 Verification of Security Protocols Software Security
5-6 Cryptography 2 (Privacy) Seminar
7-8 Seminar Information Security Technology

Year 2, Fall, Semester 3

Day Monday Friday
site RU (route + maps) UT (route + maps)
time slot
3-4 Security in Organisations Secure Data Management
5-6 Law in Cyberspace Security and Privacy in Mobile Systems
7-8 Hardware Security

Year 2, Spring, Semester 4

Day All days of the week
site RU, TU/e, UT
time slot
1-8 Master Thesis Project

Remaining space

The remaining space is worth 36 ects, some of which is occupied by location-specific mandatory courses, and by the homologisation courses. Apart from those, the student is free to select courses within this space, including more security-specific courses as listed above.

MSc project

The MSc project is worth 30 ects, and is scheduled in the last semester. The MSc project is finished by writing a master thesis. Generally speaking, students will do their master project under the supervision of a member of staff of their own university. However, students may, after consulting a local supervisor, choose to do a master project at another site, or an external project at a company or abroad.

We maintain a list of available MSc projects.