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Management Team

The management team of the Kerckhoffs Institute consists of

dr. Lejla Batina
Radboud University Nijmegen.
dr.ir. Berry Schoenmakers
Eindhoven University of Technology.
drs. Jan Schut
University of Twente.

External Advisory Board

An External Advisory Board is not yet in place, but will be set up in the future.

The External Advisory Board will consist of five to seven representatives from industry and government. It advises the Management Team on the quality, structure and contents of the curriculum. The relationship between the curriculum and the demand for security professionals in society will be the board's main point of attention. The Management Team and the Board will meet once a year to discuss current results and the plans for the next academic year. Occasionally, The Management Team will consult the Board by email on specific issues through the course of the year.

Student Board

The Student Board consists of three students enrolled in the MSc program, one from each of the participating universities. It provides feedback to the Management Team on the curriculum and organisation of the master programme from the student perspective. The Student Board is the first point of contact for the Management Team to discuss student related issues. The Management Team and the SB will meet at least twice a year (or more when deemed necessary) to evaluate the passed semester, and to discuss the plans for the future.

Student Association

Bart van Delft took the initiave to found student association Auguste.