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Admission requirements & procedures

Admission procedure

If you want to join the Kerckhoffs Master programme, please inform us as soon as possible. Simply send an email to info@kerckhoffs-institute.org containing your full name and email address. This serves as a preliminary registration, and allows us to contact prospective students for additional information and updates.

To truly enter the Kerckhoffs Master programme, you need to first register at your primary, "home", university. If you haven't selected your primary university yet, you can browse the information provided by the three universities here (including details on admission procedures for polytechnic (in Dutch: HBO) and foreign students).

After registration at the primary university has been completed, you need to register as a computer science student at the other two universities that belong to the Kerckhoffs Institute (in order to follow the courses offered by those universities, and to be able to take exams). For admission procedure details see the following links: By law, these secondary registrations are free of charge. Make sure you include a "Bewijs van Betaald Collegegeld" (proof of admission fee paid) issued by the student administration (of your primary university) with the secondary registration requests.

After that, you also need to complete your registration at the Kerckhoffs Institute. Simply send another email to info@kerckhoffs-institute.org , this time stating your full name, date of birth, student number of the primary university you registered at, and the two student numbers corresponding to your secondary registrations at the other two universities.

Admission requirements

Students with a Bachelor degree in Computer Science from a Dutch university are automatically admitted to the security master programme.

Students from a polytechnic (in Dutch: HBO) with a degree in computer science will also be admitted, but need to follow extended programme with additional courses that aim to cover missing parts in their background. Check the information provided by your primary university.

Foreign students, or students with a different academic degree will be admitted on a case by case basis. A personal interview may be part of the admission procedure.

Further Information

For more information on the security master contact dr. Lejla Batina by phone (+31-24-3652076) or email (info@kerckhoffs-institute.org ).

We look forward to meet you and work with you to make this master programme a success!